*The 3 Step Copy & Paste

"Proprietary Strategies & Setups That Makes Me

7 Figures A Month Through Stock-Market

Discover How to Make Consistent Winning Trades Using My 3 STEP Back-Tested Strategies & Setups.

As Seen on:

“A Very well known Stock & Options Trader:” Darshan Hirpara” who trained more than 250+ people to Become Financially Independent.” - Business Standard

Here's What You Will Learn

  • 100% Backtested, Fail-Proof Strategy
  • Whatever strategies you will learn will be Fully Back-Tested, so you can literally copy & paste my success formula to your brain.
  • Generate your own opportunities/calls and trade on them.
  • Become Independent self-dependent Trader, No more need to take calls or tips from other Advisory companies.
  • Self-Trading using strategies which generates lifetime profits.
  • Learn My Proprietary Strategies & Setups and know how to make Consistent Winning Trades.
  • No more guesswork.
  • No More Trial & error OR Guesswork & Wastage of Hard Earned Money in Trying & Testing.

Free Online Equity & Options MasterClass Training.

Why You Should Attend Free WorkShop ?

1000% Backtested, Fail-Proof Setups

Generate your own opportunities/calls and trade on them.

Become Self-dependent, independent trader.

Learn Strategic Risk-Management is executed/ Keeps your losses small and profits big

How to Make Watchlist For the next day.

Generate Consistent Profits Using my Options Writing System

Learn to find Consistent Winning Trades using the proven framework

Self- Trading using strategies that generate lifetime profits.

No more guesswork & wastage of hard-earned money in trying & testing

Nothing is off-topic or out of bounds. Outdated- Learning Support & Resistance, Candlestick Types e.g Head&Shoulder needs more efforts plus outdated, there is an 80% chance that you will miss your trade.

And you can find support & resistance Knowledge over Youtube and Google, You don’t need to pay any Instagram Financial Trainer to Learn these simple Outdated Things. I wonder they just show you how to put lines over charts and charge you fees for the same, INSANE! NO?

I don’t teach these simple irrelevant things into my programme or to the current members.

I’m in this to teach you up to the best of my own Proprietary Strategies which I have developed and 100% Battle-Back-Tested.

 To reveal as much as possible about Consistent profit-producing Strategies & systems.

How Can You Define These Numbers?

One of the BIGGEST Options Trader in the Country has to Say something about Darshan

Nagesh Agarwal, Prop-Trader


Darshan has really got some rare amazing trading strategies and systems which actually work up to that extent. We are glad that we are associated with Darshan for 3 years. He is doing wonders when it comes to trading with Technical Strategies & systems.

 Darshan Is a Proprietary -Trader, “A full-Time Trader with his Proprietary Strategies which helped people to generate Hundred of thousands of profits Consistent Profits.

Jaydeep Koyani

(Equine SEOLab)

Brilliance, the word I would use to describe Darshan Hirpara. It is rare I get into trading stocks & options. But I did just that with the information he provided to me.If you are looking to find the best one out there for Techincal Strategies & System, "Darshan" is your answer. I cannot stress enough for you to get that. Highly recommended."

Nikunj Shingala

(Spider Software)

Darshan can literally change your trading practice in a few minutes. Learning practical implementation from him per minute was like an 'aha' moment. We have made more than 1000k plus using his System & Strategies. Follow this guy, he is the 'Beast' when it's come to trading index options expiry & non- Expiry day and making more money."

Shivam Gondaliya

(Greenline India)

I had got many ideas on what's going on with my Trading & Investment and what can I do to develop more and more income. Before this, I was struggling in making my own strategies and setup's but it never works so well until I got clear about what I am doing. Thanks for the training. It works so well and now I'm striving to achieve my next 7 figures profits in 3 months due. Tq Darshan."

Jaymesh Patel


Big Shout Out to Darshan Hirpara, all these consistent profits of my clients will not have been possible without you. Am calling you the 'Options Trading King' from now on. All his systems are proved to be 1000% actual loss-proof. Kudos to your strategies & system. Looking forward to exploring more of your options trading knowledge

Performance Of the People who are Trained Under Darshan’s Guidance With His Proprietary Strategies

Honestly, These are just a few Screenshots. I Can come up with 1000s like these. What’s Important is... The Transformation

The Transformation...

Trained More Than 275+ Individuals From Various fields & 50+ Financial who want to build their career in finance who has achieved the milestone to remain Consistent Profitable in the stock market using his Proprietary Strategies.

“In fact, many new people who enrolled in the Trading Mantras™ Equity & Option Trading MasterClass made winning Trades from day one.”

Shagun Ramola

Devesh Rathi

Nischal Vajpayee

Few words from India's #Leading Professional Broker

Naman Agarwal

Managing Director, Ac Agarwal Stock Brokers PVT, LTD

"If you are looking to get started or if you are looking to go today from where you are to master the Trading/Investing, you wanna learn from people like Darshan. Somebody who was exactly where you are right now, and now is at a place at exactly where you wanna be. it's very rare traders to share their trading strategies and systems.

How this Master-Class Programme Will Help ME...??

A successful Trading & Investing has two distinct parts...

1) Capturing Consistent Winning Trades.

2) 100% Back-Tested Risk Management System to remain Consistent - Good Strategies with great Risk Management System can do wonders.

Yet a great Strategy with great Risk Management isn’t just a small, incremental improvement. It’s exponential. It’s life-changing. It’s when you put 1 and 1 together and you don’t get 2… you get 11.

With the Right Risk Management System and the Battle-Tested Strategies, there probably isn’t anything you need to be successful in investing & Trading,

You can't even imagine what transformation can this bring in your life!

I am obsessed with becoming the best at Taking Perfect Trades Each & Every Time… and I’m going to pull out every secret of this that I can.

I promise you will find such life-transforming information inside this program that has the potential to add many more “ZERO’s” in your bank account.


will always be there for you. 



I have spent more than 6 years making hundreds of thousands of permutation & combinations trial and error, combining and comparing different set of probabilities, and consistently updating his trading system.

This costs me several huge losses when the system fails since I blew up my ‘Trading Account to zero from a lakhs of rupees several times but stood up the again ahead of my strong belief. It took all of my blood, sweat, uncounted breakdowns and continuous efforts.

Now I considers it as my own Proprietary Strategies and my most profitable and the highest probability trading system which even helps you make winning trades in dreadful market conditions.

You Don’t need to waste & spend 6 years like I did to find a winning strategy and system.

Life is too short for that, and besides, I am ready to share my system & strategies with you all through this masterclass programme.

The Reason I'm teaching my strategy is for selfish purposes.

We need more market participants. I hope this course will inspire people to choose this profession. This is the most excellent job in the world.

Abhijith V S

During the start of my MBA life, I was introduced to the topic of the stock market and I was immediately drawn towards the huge opportunities that it provided. Since the primary misconception of going into the stock market was gambling, initially I was a bit skeptical and wanted to learn more about it. I tried learning more about the stock markets from online media, but there was any set strategy that I could follow to be consistent in the market. It is then that I stumbled upon trading mantras. I've been a member since then and the proprietary strategies that they possess are highly accurate. The strategies that they have are unlike the breakouts, support, and resistance strategies that are available in the youtube, but is a set of advanced strategies that provide perfect entry and exit points when combined with the right discipline, which is provided me with consistent returns. I feel that this has been a great investment and a step closer to financial freedom.

Rahul Ingole

I have been part of TRADING MANTRAS from April 2019. It's been a very good experience for me. The Mentor Mr. Darshan Hirpara is just brilliant. His proprietary strategies work extremely well. All you got to do is follow the rules, no defying what is being taught. I have been very happy under his mentorship. He teaches all thing with such ease. He clears all the doubts. You can also repeat any strategy in which you have doubts. Also, he stays in touch with everyone and you can reach him anytime which l Iove.

Roopam Mittal

I have joined TRADING MANTRA'S family as a beginner and I think it is the best decision that I have ever made. Here a beginner can also learn to trade like a PRO with Trading Mantra's proprietary strategies. These strategies are awesome and easy to implement. Using these strategies anyone can earn and there is no limit that can be defined a person can earn only this much. After joining TRADING MANTRA'S life has completely changed cause now I don't have to ask for money for my personal expenses from my parents. A great platform that a beginner can find to learn how to trade in the stock market is here.

Mohammed Aadil

I signed with Trading Mantras Masterclass I was completely a beginner in the stock market I took this course1 year back. This course helped me to learn a lot in the stock market. seriously a very good step to get into the stock market. This course includes very strong strategies that help to grow in the stock market and also helps in developing skills and discipline. these strategies are good enough to make money at any kind of market condition I have made a lot of change after joining in Trading Mantrasin stock market. a place to learn the stock market from basic concepts to infinity This is the place where you can make your career in the stock market. Seriously the mentor has a great patience level how explains basic things also for multiple times and the way he with his students are an extreme level because in school or colleges a teacher gets irritated to explain for more than 2 or 3 times but this guy will explain until you get the concept. A very good and strong place to start a career in the stock market and you will learn a lot in Trading Mantras

Prajwal Shetty

I am an engineer also have my own business, I have been learning to trade from the past one year had taken training from one trainer earlier he used to give his watchlist daily with few strategies using which I lost all my capital it used to work only at times by luck, but after enrolling with the Trading Mantras Masterclass I got a lot of confidence in trading with a good mindset and the best trainer who puts all his efforts in training, Darshan clears everyone's silly doubts without getting irritated which I personally believe not everyone has such patience and he is very dedicated in what he does. Coming to the strategies, there are many strategies which have been taught to us for equity, options, commodities, etc which darshan has tested over the years and has come out perfectly at dreadful markets My favorite among all is force strategy which makes wonders every time. Now I have some hope that I will make it big with trading, Darshan also takes up Live trading sessions at times where we can trade with him along with others. This training which you will get from darshan would be life-changing, worth every penny

Somdev Kumar

Hii. I'm Somdev and this is my story. I always wanted to have freedom in my life so I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and live my dream life. I was a beginner when I've enrolled in this course. I had a little bit of knowledge about investing but not enough that I can pursue a full-time career in the stock market. When I saw this course the first time I was a little bit skeptical about it but when I started learning and implementing stuff, it was becoming easier for me. The story becomes much interesting when I learned the strategies and applied them. It's like a roadmap for the journey. After learning Trading Mantra's strategies I would able to know when is the best time to Entry a stock and when to Exit it. And easy to understand and easy to apply for trading purposes. How much money you make really matters but what's matters most is how do you make it. I love the process because it gives me the freedom to do it from anywhere. I'm earning a lot of money that I can live a comfortable life and I think investing in this course was the best investment I've ever made in my lifetime. I'm so grateful for the amazing community which always helped me whenever I had any problem. I will suggest everyone who wants to become a trader you must take this course and taking this course will be the best decision for your life. And Thanks, you Darshan Bhai

Impeccable Systems & Strategies...

Rahul, Research Head,

AC Agarwal share brokers Pvt Ltd

Hi, this is Rahul, Research head at AC Agarwal share brokers Pvt Ltd Darshan has been doing exceedingly well and his knowledge and passion for the stock markets are impeccable. His hard work has made trading mantras a great success. This is a quick shout out for the Darshan, And I will strongly suggest you all enroll in the program and whatever he has to offer you.

The Success

Stories of 250+ People who already enrolled in the MasterClass Programme

Trading Mantras

If you still think that you can't succeed and make winning trades consistently, you seriously need to re-think over it.

Kadam Hans

Rakesh Nayak

Shajid Sanghar

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Not sure if it can get Bigger than this...

And I have worked, re-worked on my Setups & Strategies to perfect them with the Highest Standerds. And it's all yours for Free.

Value - Can't really put a value on these 100% Perfectly Crafted Winning Setups & Strategies.

They are PRICELESS in reality.

One Good Consistent Winning Setup Implemented By You Can Make Up For The Entire Cost You Will Pay Here. Get Them For Free While You Can.

Sidhart Praveer

Manoj C N

Naveen Kumar

Kuljeet Vij

I have been joined Trading Mantras Masterclass as a beginner. I didn't know anything about trading and investing. After going through all the modules inside the course my confidence is getting build up. It needs a good patient and discipline to follow the strategies and setups. The sky is the limit here, I can definitely say one thing this completely changed the way I make money from my regular job.

Kishan Patel

(NatureTouch Beverages)

This MasterClass Programme brought a lot of executable knowledge to me, so that I can first be aware about my inflow and outflow, and then manage it optimally through investment in stock markets. I loved the course so much that I got my sisters, brother and friends enrolled. They too found it be extremely valuable.

Kishan Patel

(NatureTouch Beverages)

"Quick Shout out for Darshan's MasterClass course. I am Banking, but I didn't have any clue how to start with investing and trading. Darshan's course really helped me to understand how to structure the whole System & Strategies As a result, I really really ended up Grabbing perfect trades so quickly without losing any money. That was amazing. I cannot recommend enough for you to purchase his Trading Mantras MasterClass Programme because it's really amazing. It's very in-depth. Even if you are a complete newbie Investing and Trading just like I was, this is one of the best courses out there. I cannot stress enough for you to get that. Highly recommended."

Sharath, Bangalore

I Joined TRADING MANTRA'S programme as a beginner and i think it is a best decision that i have ever made. Here a beginner can also learn to trade like a PRO with Trading Mantra's proprietary strategies. These strategies are awesome and easy to implement. Using these strategies anyone can earn and there is no limit that can be defined a person can earn only this much.

Kalpesh Suresh Yadav

I joined trading mantra few months ago, i am versed with price action strategies but the strategies taught by darshan are class apart. I've become more sincere with my trading since joining.I’ve learned the way, how emotions come into play, how to handle and neutralize myself, thereby, building a diversified portfolio from the Technical analysis and the golden rules that are to be followed while trading derivatives by Darshan.

Moin, Bangalore

I always had a interest in stock market since my childhood, after a lot of inspection I found Trading Mantras Masterclass Programme I had no clue about market, here I got to lean from very basics. Strategies are best thing, its my experience. I have learnt 5 straetegy till the time and mastered 2 strategies Darshan is the best Trader & Mentor I have came across till now, he is always ready to solve any doubts anytime.

Revanth Reddy Gorrai

I started trading in the year 2019 and I was a beginner in the market when I joined the Trading Mantras MasterClass Programme. The STRATEGIES are simply good. Even a person with no knowledge of STOCK TRADING can learn them and start to earn a pretty good amount of profit daily. 19:14 Finally I want to tell you about DARSHAN. He is a very good mentor according to me and it's not the profit that you get daily. t's all about the knowledge that you gain in the end.

Sandeep Yadav

Earlier I joined here, I was wondering if I can start online trading. but wasn't aware of my ways to get into this, Then I got to know about Trading Mantras Online Masterclass wherein i learned multiple concepts related to trading such as where to invest? What time is best? There are many institutions that make fake promises to make you learn every trading concept with minimum time but finding a genuine one is a challenging task. I somewhere feel satisfied that I managed to find a good instructor for this.

Harsh Jindal

This is Harsh from Delhi. I had some basic knowledge about the stock market before joined the Trading Mantra Community. Before buying this course, like everyone else I was worried and didn't know whether the course would be worth it or not. For 1 month I continuously watched trading mantra Instagram stories and finally, I made a decision to take the course. All the strategies I learned are Perfect, Unique, and trading mantras proprietary strategies. You'll not find these strategies on youtube. After completing the course, I did paper-trading for 1 month. After gaining some confidence I started trading. I use to earn 200-300 daily. Now after 4 months am earning a minimum of 2k every day I trade. I don't trade on a daily basis because I am completing my M.COM side by side. Darshan sir is my 1st Guru. He's the best. I would recommend His Masterclass course to everyone who wants to learn to trade and wishes to make his/her career in the stock market.

Harini Perabhathini

Joined TRADING MANTRA'S programme as a beginner and i think it is a best decision that i have ever made. Here a beginner can also learn to trade like a PRO with Trading Mantra's proprietary strategies. These strategies are awesome and easy to implement. Using these strategies anyone can earn and there is no limit that can be defined a person can earn only this much

Rakesh Nayak

There is a saying that "Knowledge is powerful" but I would like to say that "Knowledge is eternally powerful only when it is shared". So I would like to thank Mr Darshan Hirpara for sharing his immense knowledge that he got from years of hard work in a few sessions which could be turning point of many lives including mine.

Sumeet Mehta

Trading Mantras helped me to generate consistent winning trades. If you are planning to start trading in stock market i would genuinely suggest you to join Trading Mantras as no one make good without good trading skills.

Swaroop Rathi

You are doing a Great work by Providing Us with your proprietory Strategies, Which Really do wonders in Live Markets. I Can't imagine stock Market without your Wonderful strategies. Thank You for Everything.

Anuj Asati

I don't know much about trading but this community has taught me so many things pertaining to trading and Darshan helped me a lot in trading. His strategies are lit. His strategies work even in the unpredictable market.


1) I was in the market making losses 2) the strategies are perfect and they have helped me very much 3) It has helped me to figure out and be wise in choosing stocks 4) I have been to many classes before, but none has been as accurate and crisp as you are

Guruprasad Naik

I left the 9 to 5 job to follow my passion. I strated earning before the completion of prime plus membership courses in trading strategy, excited about how i will be after the completion of this course. Best strategies ever, Can earn easily even on mobile when we are outside

Akash Kumar

I joined with Trading Mantras Masterclass programe as a beginner and i was completely new in this field. With Darshan i have learnt all his strategies & setups which is beginner friendly and strategies are logically profitable with very minimum risk to reward ratio.

Dee Kay

I am able to generate own calls and make profits with peace of mind, and now I am not dependable on any one for my trading decisions, I think this is the best part of trading mantras that you are creating independent traders.

Harish Sharma

His proprietary strategies are just out of the world and easy to understand and the best thing about him is that he makes us independent to take our own calls rather than depending on him or somebody. The way he teaches and silently solve our all queries without getting frustrated is the add-on perks Market felt like gamble before joining him! and now it feels like a well organized strategic thing how dreadful may the conditions of market his strategies never fails and returns sweet fruits! TM family is always available to help you out and under his guidance, e young traders are trying to learn sth each and every day Can proudly say he is the one of the best "mentor" for the markets!

Chandan Tiwary

This is a perfect platform for the one who is looking for a platform to learn every good thing about the stock market and I have been a prime member here and from day 1 I have been learning soo much every day that I can't even think. He made me realize that the stock market with proper strategies is a good source of income and after joining I have been started trading day by day and learn new things and my view is totally changed towards the share market now. all thanks to Trading Mantras and I highly recommend everyone to grab whatever he has to offer as they provide the best setups & strategies plus the way of conveying into the laymen language rather than theoretical bookish knowledge.


Before joining trading mantras I was just a beginner learning the stock market I invested my hard-earned money and lost. I was searching for a mentor to guide me, then I found Trading Mantras, following their proprietary strategies very strictly I was able to make profits consistently and this changed my mindset and my game in the stock market. I am Happy joining Trading Mantras and even recommending my friend who is interested in the stock market because trading mantras helps in showing a successful path in the stock market career.

Darshan Hirpara

Multi-Asset Prop. Trader

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