Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) Do i pay for the shipping?

A) No, Shipping is on us. We do not charge anything over the product price. We offer WORLD-WIDE Free Shipping Anywhere 🙂

Q) What is Delivery Time for my package.

A) All domestic Orders (INDIA) takes 3-5 working days to reach your address, while all INTERNATIONAL ORDERS takes 7-10 days to reach your address.

Q) How do you ship my package?

A) We are shipping partners with DHL Express International & Bluedart to serve International & Domestic Markets.

Q) Do You Provide Refunds in case of Damaged Product Received?

A) Yes, We offer only replacement of the items incase of damanged product received.

Q) How can i Track My Order?

A)  Your can track your order on Order Tracking Page.

Q) How to Reach Support?

A) You can email/whatsapp us using following details. Visit Our Contact Page For More Info Email: Hello@tmgo.in

We are now Available on Amazon India

Trading Mantras Amazon
Darshan Hirpara Trading Mantras

Darshan Hirpara

Director Partner, Trading Mantras
(Derivatives Trader)

Hola! We provide Free Delivery Anywhere World-Wide.

We have created Trading Merchandise for the Trading Community to keep you motivated and take pride in our Trading Souvenirs.

Treat yourself or gift someone special from the trading community, and spread the pride!

The Complete Merchandise is created with High-Quality Material Backed by in-house manufacturing to provide Quality Products at very less cost to make it available and accessible to everyone around the globe.

I hope you will like every inch of the Trading Merchandise we have created with love.

Please send me a message if you have any questions, my friend.

Darshan Hirpara